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Beep Bap Bop is a collaboration album by UK keyboard player Stuart Collingwood and UK / Australian drummer John Trotter. The album features a collection of Collingwood’s Jazz / Funk compositions, which are performed by a stellar line-up of musicians including celebrated UK saxophonist Paul Booth.

The Working Drummer

‘The Working Drummer is a comprehensive drum syllabus featuring over 800 grooves and fills for the contemporary drummer.’

This book is a must for students and teachers alike. It contains an all-levels guide to drumming in numerous musical genres including: Rock, Funk, Latin, Afro-Cuban, New Orleans, Swing, Reggae, Disco, Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Soul, Fusion as well as contemporary styles such as Drum ‘n’ Bass, Jungle and Hip Hop. It also explores 21st Century Dance production ideas using samples, loops and triggers. Virtually every written example is recoded on the accompanying audio CD.

You’ll also be guided through: Rudiments, Groove Building, Brush Techniques, Odd Time Concepts, Displacement, Polyrhythms, Advanced Fills, Soloing, Studio Tips and classic transcriptions by Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie, Jeff Porcaro, Hal Blaine, John Robinson, Clyde Stubblefield, Stanton Moore, Joe Morello and John Bonham.

English Language Version

German Language Version

I’ll Tell Ya’  Women

Groove Demonstration

Beats & Pieces

‘Over 150 realistic ‘Rhythmical Recipes’ for the contemporary drummer!’

Beats & Pieces is an extension of the Working Drummer book. This time around, rather than focusing on individual elements, it’s about compiling the ideas into pieces and solos. This book is packed full of ideas that will help build vocabulary and give the student a realistic insight into groove building and embellishment.

The genres covered include: Rock, Funk, Latin, Afro-Cuban, New Orleans, Swing, Reggae, Disco, Soul, Drum ‘n’ Bass and Jungle. There is also a string of groove variations played with brushes, tom-toms and double kick.

Every example is recorded on the accompanying audio CD.

The Junior Drummer’s Bible

Winner of the ‘Best Edition’ Award – Frankfurt Musikmesse 2019

‘Classic Drumming, Simplified!’

The Junior Drummer’s Bible is a comprehensive book written specifically for students which age from 5 -10yrs. The overall idea was to create an all-styles guide that documented classic ideas, using a simplified notation system.

The book contains over 300 pages, it begins with the fundamentals of how to grip a drumstick, explaining notation theory (time signature, note and rest values & dynamics) as well as Rudiments. It then explores a range of styles including Rock, Funk, Latin American, Blues, Swing, Soul, Disco and Military. The chapters are structured in such a way that the exercises dynamically build with hi-hat embellishments and fills. The book also contains a chapter on advanced concepts which gives the student an opportunity to really push themselves. Finally, the book finishes with ten notated solos in a range of musical styles and techniques.

Once again, all of the written exercises are recorded on the accompanying audio CD.

The Junior Drummer's Bible written by John Trotter

English Language Version

German Language Version

The Bass Bible, by Paul Westwood

It was a privilege to play drums on the best-selling and highly acclaimed ‘Bass Bible’, written by my great friend and mentor Paul Westwood.

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