Welcome to my new ‘rhythm for film’ venture, RUMBLE.

The Rumble idea was to create a range of energetic-percussive-based tracks designed to be used as soundtracks for Film, TV, and particularly Jingles. I have an extensive catalogue of styles, including Junkyard Percussion, Military, Drum Solos, Tribal/Jungle Tom Toms, Multi-Drum Kit, Latin American & Indian.

There are also various themes, such as Water Sounds, Sport, Up-Tempo Dance, City ’Rush-Hour’ and Construction Site, etc., that feature an element of humour here and there. 😊

I’m also able to create drum tracks and loops for songs via our Online Session Service.

“Whatever the ‘Rhythmical Puzzle’,
I’m happy to help”.

Please find a selection of short samples below, full-length versions are available on request.

Game On

(‘Sports Theme’, featuring Drum Groove, Handclaps & Crowd Chant).

The Hunt

(‘Military Jamboree’, featuring Snare, Bass Drums, Tom Toms & Timpani).

Here are some photos from the very-enjoyable recording sessions at Soundbaker with Rob Agostini.

Finishing off the sessions in style with a slice of chocolate cake!

Musical arrangements of the RUMBLE compositions will be available to purchase later this year, the first two are titled, RUMBLE & BOOT STOMPER.

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