Welcome to my new venture, ‘Rhythm for Film’.

The idea is to create energetic percussive-based tracks designed to be used as soundtracks for Film, TV, and in particular, Jingles.

I have an extensive catalogue of styles, including Junkyard Percussion, Military, Drum Solos, Tribal/Jungle Tom Toms, Multi-Drum Kit, Latin American & Indian.

There are also various themes, such as Water Sounds, Sport, Up-Tempo Dance, City ’Rush-Hour’, etc., that feature an element of humour here and there. 😊

I’m also able to create drum tracks and loops for songs via our Online Session Service.

“Whatever the ‘Rhythmical Puzzle’,
I’m happy to help”.

Here’s a promo video featuring studio footage of a recent recording session of some tracks at Crank Studios WA.

Please find a selection of short samples below, full-length versions are available on request.

Game On

(‘Sports Theme’, featuring Drum Groove, Handclaps & Crowd Chant).

The Hunt

(‘Military Jamboree’, featuring Snare, Bass Drums, Tom Toms & Timpani).

The scores of my compositions ‘Rumble’ and ‘Boot Stomper’ are now available to purchase. Please head to the Store Page for more info.

Here are photos of the enjoyable recording sessions at Crank and Soundbaker Studios in WA 2022-23.

Finishing off the sessions in style with a slice of chocolate cake!

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