Dear friends, once again, I hope all is well in your corner of the World!

I’m happy to say that I’m super busy in 2023. What with, recording new compositions, mixing, editing, shooting a promo-video, running exams, teaching, and writing arrangements, days off are a distant memory!

A ‘behind the scenes’ photo of our video shoot at Crank Studios in July 2023, with Lee Buddle and Gareth Andersen.

Back to it! – January 2023


In 2022, I’m beginning a new venture, titled RUMBLE, composing ‘rhythm for film’.

The recording sessions are underway, it’s all very exciting, and I’m super-pleased with the results so far!


I’m really enjoying my new role as ‘Drum Specialist’ Examiner for Rockschool, some great young players, Inspiring!


‘Overdubs’ at Soundbaker Studios, great fun 😊


Great news, my new book The Junior Drummer’s Bible has won the ‘Best Edition Award’ at this year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse!! Obviously I’m delighted and would like to send my sincere thanks to Detlef Kessler and everyone at AMA Verlag in Germany. I’d also like to send a huge thanks to Rob Agostini, Gareth Andersen, David Pye, Amanda Ianuzzi and Sky Simone who make up my incredible team in Australia.

More good news, our album is now available on Spotify!!

Preview Videos:

‘Beep Bap Bop’ 

‘Casting Off’ 


I am now back in Australia after my recent trip to Europe. I had a great time in Berlin visiting my book publisher, AMA Verlag. I would sincerely like to thank Detlef & Maike Kessler, Harald Wingerter and all the wonderful team at AMA for your kindness and making me feel so welcome x

‘Ready for Shipping’ at the AMA Verlag Warehouse, Berlin!


I had a fab time on my recent holiday in the USA. I’ve visited the ‘States’ several times before but never really had time off to do the ‘tourist thing’. It truly was a fantastic experience to catch up with some old friends and finally see the sights of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, I highly recommend it!

Chat soon x

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