Dear friends, once again I hope all is well in your corner of the World!

I am now back in Australia after my recent trip to Europe. I had a great time in Berlin visiting my book publisher, AMA Verlag. I would sincerely like to thank Detlef & Maike Kessler, Harald Wingerter and all the wonderful team at AMA for your kindness and making me feel so welcome x

I am looking forward to playing a series of clinics with AMA Verlag at the Shanghai Music Fair, China in 2019.

It was great to visit the AMA Verlag factory in Berlin and I’m very pleased to announce that my new book The Junior Drummer’s Bible is now available for purchase. This is my third book, in each case the inspiration came from whatever I was doing as a teacher. Over the past couple of years I’ve been teaching a lot of six to ten year old students. This has resulted in me referring to my handwritten notes that contained a simplified version of drum notation rather than the classic text I used in the Working Drummer and Beats & Pieces books.

The Junior Drummer's Bible written by John Trotter

English Language Version

German Language Version

Over the years I’ve discovered that there is a big difference between teaching a beginner that is six and one that is sixteen years of age. When teaching the ‘junior’ student, I’ve found that it is not the fact that they have trouble with the physical drumming it is the notation which presents the difficulty. After all, reading music is a complex new language which can stretch the boundary as to the level of intellect a junior is expected to understand. So just like with any subject that is learnt at school it is a ‘simplified – easy to understand’ system that is used in the beginning. The system that I’ve used in the ‘Junior Bible’ is based around quarter notes, which requires the student to initially only to count up to four.

I chose the title The Junior Drummer’s Bible because of the huge content contained in the book. During my research I purchased numerous books designed for the ‘junior drummer’ and they are all less than one hundred pages (most around fifty pages), so as a teacher you quickly run out of material. This book is a 300 page blockbuster and like The Working Drummer will keep you supplied for years. It is packed full of grooves, fills, pieces & solos, there is also a comprehensive military chapter, I guess you could call it the ‘baby brother’ to the WD!

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The album project with my friends in the UK is now in the final mixes stage. The album features compositions by the fabulous UK keyboard player Stuart Collingwood. In the 1980s, Stuart and I played in a Jazz / Funk band called The Hairstyles (see photo below), so this is a 30 year anniversary project.  It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed the ‘making an album’ process this much, it’s all very exciting!!

Preview Videos

‘Beep Bap Bop’ 

‘Casting Off’ 

I had a fab time on my recent holiday in the USA. I’ve visited the ‘States’ several times before but never really had time off to do the ‘tourist thing’. It truly was a fantastic experience to catch up with some old friends and finally see the sights of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, I highly recommend it!

Chat soon x