Set Up

The diagram below shows a typical set-up for a Pop/Rock session or gig.
The set-up would change depending on the style of music etc.
I can generally achieve the desired sound by swapping my cymbals and snare drum.


"Gretsch American Classic" 

 A. 22"x16" bass drum
 B. 14"x5.5" Brady Block
                    Snare Drum
 C. 10" Pearl Sopranino
 D. 12"x9" tom
 E. 13"x9" tom
 F. 16"x14" f/tom

Zildjian Cymbals

 1. 14" K hi-hats
 2. 11" Oriental splash
 3. 19" K dark crash
 4. 20" K heavy ride
 5. 18" K dark crash
 6. 20" Oriental china             trash

Many, many thanks to the following companies for their expertise and assistance over the years...

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